hero Pierre Boudoin

iOS Applications

This is the list of all iOS applications that I have developed and published on the App Store. I manage everything from design to development and publishing, including the marketing and promotion of the apps.


blog Payer sa Nounou

Streamline your nanny's salary declaration with Payer sa Nounou. This app is ideal for parents and childminders seeking to simplify the administrative management of childcare.


blog Momenti

Introducing Momenti, an app that saves your children's quotes and memories, also personalize each memory with a photo and note. Keeps childhood magic alive.


blog HyperPhoto

Introducing HyperPhoto, a photo editor w/ features like collages, profile pics, memes, stickers, quotes, 3D virtual photography, background remover, object eraser, color adjustments, filters, layers, text, and privacy-first, iOS-first, Magic Split feature, 3D model virtual photography.


blog Medico

Medico is a French medication app that allows you to scan, search, manage and plan reminders for medications. It offers useful information about the medications, advanced search options, reminder and pill management features and accessibility options for visually impaired users. It is based on a government database and respects user's privacy.


blog RonRon: Breathing & Relaxation

RonRon, is a cat purr guided meditation app for iPhone. Provides high-quality audio and haptic to simulate a cat purring on you. Multiple cats available, set duration, and start your session. Haptic effect works best on iPhone when held to your chest or stomach, and not in silent mode. Enjoy your purr session with RonRon!


blog Scores

A score-keeping app for board game enthusiasts on iPhone & iPad. No need for paper, add multiple players/teams, calculates final scores, easy to use, saves paper & helps the planet.


blog Babies Name

Introducing a baby name selection app that offers thousands of names from all origins, with filters for gender, origin, and terms. Includes a feature to save selections and share them, an outline for last name, and a list of selected and rejected names. Helping you find the perfect name for your baby.


blog Smart Babyphone

Introducing Smart Babyphone, a quick and easy-to-use baby monitor for iOS devices. Uses AI to determine baby's noise, has 3 modes (live audio, alerts only, mute) and can work offline with WiFi or Bluetooth for privacy and better battery life


blog Belote A.I.

Belote A.I is a Belote scoring app for iPhone that scans end-of-game cards to automatically calculate points for each team, saving time and reducing headaches. Uses latest AI and computer vision technology for high reliability in detecting American and French cards.